Folding /Storing Hose

Instructions for After Use and Folding

Folding the 50 foot hose

Folding the 100 foot hose

Rolling up the 100 foot hose that is hanger stored

After you have used FireFighter1, we recommend following the drying and storage instructions below. It will give you a longer hose life, and ensure it is ready for use in an emergency. The video above shows the folding technique; the manner of folding is important to ensure it can be rapidly deployed when needed.

  1. Turn the pool pump and 3-way diverter off
  2. Disconnect FireFighter1 hose from the 3-way diverter valve
  3. Find a secure location to lay out the hose to dry, preferably on a slope so the hose can fully drain
  4. Ensure the nozzle end is open and the hose is fully extended to allow water to flow out freely
  5. Allow to dry completely, 2-3 days
  6. For box storage:
    • Once dry, fold the hose in half and place halfway bend at the end of the FireFighter1 housing
    • Accordion fold nozzle side of the hose until the entire side is evenly distributed within the box. Leave 3’ out to allow nozzle access.
    • Accordion fold second side of the hose in the opposite side of the box. Leave 3’ out to allow adapter access.
    • Make sure nozzle is closed ready for next use, and fold in the nozzle and adapter ends on top
  7. For hanger storage:
    • Once dry, fold the hose in half and lay the two halves over each other
    • From the end opposite the adapter and nozzle, roll the hose up towards the nozzle and adapter
    • Make sure nozzle is closed ready for next use, and then put the coiled hose on the hanger
See the three photos below to show how the hose should appear when correctly accordion folded. Notice how the adapter and nozzle ends that were left out of the accordion fold are neatly folded on top as the last step to ensure rapid deployment. By folding this way, when the quick release is connected to the diverter, the pump turned on, and the nozzle is grabbed as you run towards approaching danger, the hose will unfold in an orderly fashion without becoming tangled. You may want to practice using and storing the hose occasionally.
The fourth photo below shows how the coiled hose is stored in the hanger option.
Fire hose folded accordion style showing the quick disconnect connector
25 ft hose in storage box
50ft FireFighter1 Hose in Storage Box
50ft FireFighter1 Hose in Storage Box
100 feet of fire hose packaged ready to connect to swimming pool pump and roll out quickly to fight fire with pool water in an emergency
100ft of fire hose in storage box
50 feet of fire hose double coiled on a hanger
50ft FireFIghter1 Hose Coiled for Hanging