About Us


Growing up in  in California is a breeze, clear skies, the sun shining & the beauty surrounds. But as a “Californian”, we experienced fire season each year and understand it is important to prepare to mitigate damage.

Every year, as temperatures rose & the landscape got dry, news coverage of fires and the damage being caused would begin. One common theme we would notice each year was black char over a large span of burnt homes with little blue shapes by them. Quickly, we’d realize all the blue shapes are pools.

My father, Ed, would be so frustrated seeing no one was using the pool water. Finally, he decided to figure out why this water was being wasted and how it can be utilized. Dad was an inventor & businessman, he loved creating things, enjoyed life and wanted to solve every problem. In doing research, Dad discovered there were some industrial systems to extract water from the pools, but they were expensive, bulky and not made for the average homeowner. That was not acceptable, so he began to develop FireFighter1.


Fighter1 was an idea my father had and worked on in his last few years of life, believing it was a product people needed. When I saw the opportunity to share his idea through an Elevator Pitch at Sacramento State, the hope was to get some feedback from people who were not emotional to the idea and see if it was worth pursuing. In pursuit of taking to market my father’s invention of FireFighter1, we have come to a successful product launch Spring 2021. ​